Z důvodu opatření vlády je minigolf uzavřen.

Informace o ukončení provozu

S lítostí oznamujeme, že k 15.3.2020 bude Adventure Minigolf v O2 aréně definitivně uzavřen. Minigolf bude uzavřen a demonotván z důvodu nové vize a přestavby O2 arény. Všem zákazníkům děkujeme za podporu! Věříme, že se Vám u nás líbilo.

Pokud si chcete ještě minigolf v O2 aréně užít a zahrát, přijďte k nám do 15.3. 2020. Těšíme se na Vás!

Adventure minigolf arena
Our goal´s to provide the best high-quality service in minigolf. We focus on a maximum satisfaction of our customers and try to be the best among other minigolf arenas. We still work to have better and better services and also believe our customers feel good at our course, which is the most important thing for us.
Playing of minigolf - public

Everyone can play minigolf. It´s one of the few sports which the whole family can go to play. Besides minigolf we offer high-quality bar services to our guests. We prepare home-made products and of course we can´t forget draught Pilsener beer, cocktails, drinks and more served in our bar.

Our latest hit is a scooter which takes you to the toilet. Scooters has become very popular quickly.

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Corporate events

A party without good food isn´t a good party. For over a year we´ve been in a partnership with people from FoodIN, a catering company. They have a concept of non-traditional catering and modern street food which is prepared primarily from local ingredients. They buy them from small local farmers, growers and producers.

We organize corporate parties from A to Z. We organize a minigolf tournament, learn our guests how to play minigolf, prepare prizes and ensure the course of the event with an accompanying program included. You can find all the information in the “Corporate Events“ section or contact us.

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Birthday parties

Children birthday parties are a big trend today, Minigolf is a fun activity for children. It learns them something new and especially every child can take part in it. During the birthday party we provide you with a minigolf tournament, refreshments, animators, face painting, glitzy tattoos for children and more.

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Call us on +420 606 068 069 or you can make a reservation right now!
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16x Champion of the Czech Republic, 2x world vice-champion in minigolf
– Martin Ječný a CEO, a TRAINER
3x Champion of the Slovak Republic, 9th place on the Youth World Championships
– Radovan Struhár a MANAGER, a TRAINER
Our crew
  • Martin Ječný – a CEO
  • Hana Ječná – a CEO, a barmaid (a former active minigolf player)
  • Radovan Struhár – a manager, a trainer (3x Champion of the Slovak Republic, active player)
  • Tereza Marková – a barmaid
  • FoodIN – a supplier of catering
  • and others..
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Where we are
We are situated in O2 Arena directly.
(Area map here)
  • Mon - Thu: 13:00 - 21:00, Fri: 13:00 - 22:00
  • Sat (festivals): 10:00 - 22:00, Sun: 10:00 - 20:00
  • Wifi available
  • We offer high-quality food and drink throughout the day.
  • You can park in the OC Harfa Gallery or the O2 Arena for free.