Price list, drinks and other

Opening time

  • Mon - Thu: 13:00 - 21:00, Fri: 13:00 - 22:00
  • Sat (festivals): 10:00 - 22:00, Sun: 10:00 - 20:00
  • On request, opening time can be extended. During organazing company events, opening time is automatically extended to 00:00.

Price list

1 hour of play every next 15 minutes started
Adults 179,- CZK 45,- CZK
Children 6 – 15 yrs, students (after showing a student card), seniors over 65 yrs 129,- CZK 32,- CZK
Family ticket (2 adults + 1 – 3 children under 15 yrs) 459,- CZK 115,- CZK
A play with a trainer (needs to be ordered) 500,- CZK 100,- CZK
A ball and a golf club free of charge free free
Individual discounts can´t be combined or added together.

drink list

Here you can see our drink list.


What do I need if I want to come and play adventure golf?

You don´t need any special equipment to play adventure golf. You can borrow everything right on the course, so it is sufficient to wear a comfortable sport clothes, have solid sport shoes and be in a good mood.

What equipment is needed if I want to play adventure golf?

Adventure golf equipment is very similar to classic golf equipmnet. It´s played with golf clubs used for putting (putters) or minigolf hammers and a golf ball. Before the start of the play, every player gets 1 golf club and 1 golf ball. Borrowing of a golf club and a ball is included in the price of the ticket.


The course is composed by 18 lanes, which are numbered with serial numbers. When playing, keep an order of lanes. The lanes are connected by stone paths which always lead you to the following lane. You can play adventure golf either as an individual or as a group. A maximum recommended number of players in one group is 4. Before start, players will decide a group order in which they´ll play. A player 1 begins and plays until he reaches a hole with a ball. Then it´s player 2 turn. The goal of minigolf is to get the ball from a teeing-off area to the hole with as few strokes as possible. The player with the smallest sum of strokes on all lanes wins. Before every start, players receive a score card in which they write their results they made on each lane, and after lane 18 they add up the total number of strokes. At each lane you start to play in the area before brick mantinels. In this area there´s artificial grass, and it´s a matter of choice where the player place the ball. If the ball leaves the lane the player returns it back to the lane where it´s left. He places the ball approximately 20 cm perpendiculary to the brick mantinel. The player recieves one penalty stroke. If the ball is played to a bunker, the player may continue playing from the bunker or place the ball 20 cm from the edge of the bunker at the point where the ball has got to the bunker. The player recieves one penalty stroke for transferring the ball. If the ball is played to a water hazard, the player places the ball 15 cm from the edge of the water hazard at the point where the ball has got to the water hazard. The player recieves one penalty strokes for transferring the ball. It´s forbiden to play from the water hazard. If the ball is played to the proximity of the brick mantinel or some of the natural obstacles, the player can move it 20 cm perpendiculary to the mantinel or the obstacle without recieving a penalty stroke The maximum number of strokes at each lane is 6. If the player fails to get the ball to the hole for the sixth stroke, he writes 7 in a score card and continues to the following lane in the next round..