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In our café, we´ll make a table for you. Café is decorated with balloons, there´re confetti on the table. For children, candies are available on the table. A round tray and a knife are prepared for the cake. At the beginning of the party, children usually eat a cake, make a toast with children's champagne and wish happy birthday to the gifted. Then they go to play minigolf. At this time, you´ve the opportunity to use the services of our trainer, who will show the children how to stand when playing minigolf or how to hold a golf club correctly.

Small minigolfers will be guided through a short training, where they´ll be watched by the trainer if everything, what they do, is right to achieve the best results and enjoy the play. Then kids are split into groups and start playing the tournament. They write the number of strokes in the score cards. The play takes about an hour. After it is finished, the kids will be hungry and look forward to pizza. While they´re eating the pizza, the trainer counts the strokes and makes the results. Then there is a ceremony, which children always look forward to and are curious about who has won.

It´s definitely better if everyone gets a diploma and a prize, so noone feel sorry about it, but it depends on your choice. If you wish, we´ll order face painting or glitzy tattoos for your children to make their party even more enjoyable. Another option is an animator who plays various games with children.

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