Z důvodu opatření vlády je minigolf uzavřen.

Informace o ukončení provozu

S lítostí oznamujeme, že k 15.3.2020 bude Adventure Minigolf v O2 aréně definitivně uzavřen. Minigolf bude uzavřen a demonotván z důvodu nové vize a přestavby O2 arény. Všem zákazníkům děkujeme za podporu! Věříme, že se Vám u nás líbilo.

Pokud si chcete ještě minigolf v O2 aréně užít a zahrát, přijďte k nám do 15.3. 2020. Těšíme se na Vás!

Learn minigolf from professionals


The goal of the Minigolf Academy is to get young and old players to play minigolf. We want to convey them the amazing emotions, experiences and joy that minigolf gave us too. We want young players to learn to be minigolf champions, not only according to the results, but also according to a team spirit and teamwork. We want to become the best organization for education of young hopeful minigolf players. This is our long-term goal. Our „students“ go through an exact sophisticated system every year which leads them to become excellent players. That´s why we´ve divided our training system into 5 levels which express their imrpoving skills. In the first training year, every student will start to prepare himself for the final exam taken at the end of the training year. The exam checks his skills and diligence, which he´s forcedly put into training sessions all over the training year. When the player reaches the fifth final level and passes the final exam successfully, he´ll be an excellent player who is able to compete with the best players in the Czech Republic.

Every player is unique, and our effort will be to develop his preeminences to become a player who is happy about his performance, have a fun when playing and feels well about it.


1st level - START
2nd level - PLAYER
3rd level - PROFI
4th level - TOP
5th level - STAR


Although minigolf seems to be an easy sport where you just hit the ball, there´re many forms that give us pleasure and fun. What minigolf gives us above all other things, is our self-knowledge from our point of view. If we want to successfully play a hole in one, in almost every case (which is a normal thing for professional minigolf players), it´s necessary to go through a great learning process, especially psychological. Simply said, the one who has bats in the belfry, doesn´t play a hole in one. We, the leaders in the Minigolf Academy, have gone through this process from the very beginning, therefore we know what is needed to make our playing successful. It´s very interesting that the best players have a very high-quality and stable life built on solid structures. All minigolf players consistently claim that minigolf brought them - apart from the joy from the sport itself - many positive things into their personal lives.

Sport is generally beneficial to children. However, minigolf has the advantage over other sports that it´s fully accessible to children and children with disabilities, as an example I can name - Miroslav Komeda who has suffered from child polio since childhood, but he´s been able to integrate among „healthy athletes“ successfully and become an equal rival for them as others. He claims about himself that he feels healthy. He´s the amazing proof of what minigolf can together with the motivation do. Therefore minigolf doesn´t require to keep fit in some extraordinary way, if you want to play it at a very high level. Rather than being fit, minigolf, as I´ve already written, requires to have a good psychological part of the player. Due to the fact that minigolf forces the player to concentrate his attention on the psychological part, the player is forced to ask himself more questions than he does with the others common sports. These questions lead him to interesting findings about his person, nature and models which he uses in his life.

We´re convinced that minigolf is a very positive sport for children. It teaches them a lot about themselves, but children are also interested in sport itself thanks to minigolf. In times of computers, tablets, mobiles - the communication and sports among children has started disappearing whereas internet communication is constantly growing . We believe that we can provide the kids with the joy from the play, and do the trainings in a way that everyone will find in the minigolf what he´s looking for. We primarily don´t try to get the best performanece from the player, for us things far most important than performence are the pleasure from playing, the good atmosphere and the creation of teamwork among children. We focus very individually on each of our student and want him to leave every training lesson with a good feeling about himself.


Our team consists of minigolf players with lots of experience. They belong among the best players in the world and have many successes. Everyone has its own way to achieve success and we´re ready to share our experience.